I was completely blown away when I did my “How do you pronounce the word ‘tiara’?” poll a while back and discovered that I was in the minority because I say “tee-air-uh” and not “tee-aahr-uh”.

In fact, though 2 people claim to not say it either way (Ahem, Nukedad and…Tom? Such manly men.), four of you say it like I do but a whopping thirteen of you say it wrong the other way.

Blown away doesn’t cover it, actually. I was flabbergasted. I actually PUT OFF looking it up for realsies because I was scared that my pronunciation wouldn’t even be listed as an option, and wouldn’t that make me a total sham, being known for my tee-air-uhs and all?

The huge sigh of relief that came out of me when I went to the ever-trusty dictionary.com was probably heard in Asia.

The good news? We’re all correct.

Tiara = ti⋅ar⋅a
   /tiˈærə, -ˈɑrə, -ˈɛərə/ [tee-ar-uh, -ahr-uh, -air-uh]
1. a jeweled, ornamental coronet worn by women.
2. Roman Catholic Church. a head-piece consisting of three coronets on top of which is an orb and a cross, worn by the pope, or carried before him during certain nonliturgical functions.
3. the position, authority, and dignity of the pope.
4. a high headdress, or turban, worn by the ancient Persians and others.
1545–55; < L: headdress < Gk tira kind of turban

Dictionary.com Unabridged (v 1.1)
Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2006.

Maybe now I’ll be able to sleep tonight.