The blogging community is a powerful thing. There’s really nothing like it.

Since I started blogging, I have made countless friends and have enjoyed reading other people’s personal stories. When great things happen to each of you, I’m cheering. When sadness strikes your home, I’m crying with you. And it goes both ways. Some of you have checked on me when I have had an uncharacteristically bad day, and I have received countless “Woot!”s and “Yay you!”s when I have posted about something exciting.

Although I have met very few of you in person, I talk about you all the time as if you’ve been in my life for years and years. In some cases, I can even tell Jim something about one of you and I don’t have to say “you know, that blogger —” before I use your name because he knows who I’m talking about.

Actually, that is easier to do with some names than with others. If I mention “Weaselmomma” or “Nukedad“, he *knows* I’m talking about a blogger without that prompt.

It occurred to me several months ago (Disclaimer: This is a real “DUH!” moment. Go easy on me.) that many of you have REAL names behind that blogging moniker. It all started when I sent off an e-mail to check on Nukedad, who had disappeared from the scene for an eternity in blog time (I think it was actually only a week or two).

I received an “I’m okay, thanks for checking!” e-mail back, from some guy whose name was NOT Nukedad. The (Yeah, obvious. Gimme a break!) realization that Nukedad doesn’t sign his personal checks “Nukedad” actually took my breath away for a second. Wow, he has another name!!!

And then over the holidays, I sent Momo Fali a direct message on Twitter, asking her for her mailing address so I could send her a holiday card. Guess what? Momo has a real name too! You’ve got to be kidding me. In my opinion? (and I already told her this) Her real name does not fit. At all. In my head. (It’s all about me, you know!) When I meet her in July at BlogHer, I will do my best to use her real name out of respect for her and for her momma and daddy, who–no doubt–spent lots of time trying to figure out what beautiful name to bestow on their lovely baby girl. But she’ll always be Momo to me.

Got time for one more? Of course you do. In December, I got a message from Facebook saying that someone had “friended” me. I did not recognize the name at all. I went to her page so I could try and figure out who this person was, and as her smiling face stared at me from her profile picture, I realized it was none other than Mags from Ms. Maggie Moo Talks 2 U. Guess what? Her name is not even CLOSE to Mags. Shocked the heck out of me. Again, like Momo, I have a really hard time thinking of Mags as this other name, but especially when I’m on Facebook, I try. Totally bizarre.

So, let’s back up for a second.

Blogging community=





Nothing like it.

Or IS THERE something like it?

I recently remembered another community of strangers who take on fake names and become tight, caring, and supportive.

That’s right: Truckers.

What am I trying to say? I have no idea.

And I don’t know where this post spiraled out of control, but I have to say, as a former little girl of the 70’s who spent HOURS in the car with a CB radio-crazy set of parents (all four of us had “handles“!) and wondered what was the big deal, suddenly I see.