Now you can purchase (and wear!) a tiara created by a celebrity, to benefit the young adult program at the New York Library! The Royal Tiara Auction has been going on since January 1 and ends on the 31st, so you don’t have much time!

The tiara above was created by Meg Cabot, the author of the Princess Diaries book series, and in fact this Tiara Auction celebrates the release of the 10th volume of the series, Forever Princess. (Reminder: all proceeds go to the New York Library.)

Here’s another one, created by Dylan Lauren of Dylan’s Candy Bar NYC (a family favorite!):
Other celebrities who participated are Marc Brown (author of the “Arthur” book series), Mo Rocca, Judy Blume, Julianne Moore, Meg Tilly, Chris Van Allsburg, and more!

Check out the auction here, and if you don’t want to get one for yourself, I happen to be *reallyclose* with someone who appreciates a nice tiara…

*My friend Debbie called my attention to this, and I can’t thank her enough!