On Tuesday I got to put a checkmark next to a major errand on my list. I gave blood at my local Heartland Blood Center. Not only did I save 3 lives by donating, but I participated in my good friend Manic Mommy’s Virtual Blood Drive and could actually win an all-expenses paid trip to the Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort or many other prizes that have been generously donated to help Manic Mommy’s cause!

Those of you who have been reading the Scrawl for a while might remember last year, when Manic did this Virtual Blood Drive for the first time and she actually met me at the Blood Center bearing Valentine’s Day donuts. Afterwards, we went for a quick lunch and she even scraped the snow off of my car! The whole experience was quite hilarious. You can re-live it with me here.

Anyway, I decided to go donate right after teaching my spin class. On my way to class I left Manic a voicemail: “Hey Manic, it’s Melisa! Just wanted to let you know that I’m donating blood today, so if you happen to be at the grocery store near our blood center around 11, stop on by!”

I was sitting in the little office where they do the paperwork (and by the way, just like last year, I answered one of the Man Questions. When will I ever learn?) when I heard the employees outside the door start talking in excitement. Much to my surprise, Manic actually *did* stop in to see me! The blood center ladies were thrilled; Manic is very popular there, you know. She’s like Norm or Cliff at Cheers.

It was good to see her; I haven’t seen her since our Chi-town blogger lunch in November (you know, the one where Melissa and Sarah came to the Cheesecake Factory at the end of it and didn’t get to eat).

We had some great laughs while the blood poured out of my body (The lady there told me that the flow was really good because I had just worked out! Yay me!) (Oh yeah, and that my iron was “beautiful”! I don’t know what that means, but I know it’s a compliment so I’ll take it!).

Although Manic brought no donuts, and didn’t offer to, say, clean all the crap out of my car (since the snow was already off of it), this was way more fun than last year because now I feel like Manic and I are good old friends, and when a good old friend surprises you with an appearance, it means a lot.

Before heading our separate ways, we had one of the blood ladies take our photo. Yes, I know, my hair looks awful. Between my spin class and the dry air outside, my hair was pretty much stuck to my head. But the tiara looks nice, don’t you think?

By the way, you should donate blood as well! Go to Manic’s blog post about the Blood Drive and read the instructions (you have to ask someone to photograph you while you’re donating!) and enter! If you can’t donate blood but still want to help, consider donating a prize! Melissa of Hope Floats did that!

I’ll make it easy for you. Click here for Manic’s post. You’ve got til the end of February, but don’t wait! Procrastinating is bad; I should know! (You’re reading words written by the Master of Procrastination!)

I also want to mention in this post that I received a lovely award from Sheri at Unexpected Bliss. Look how pretty it is! (Thanks so much, Sheri!!)

Apparently what I need to do is confess five “addictions” and then pass this award on to five others.

Hmm. Let’s see. My five addictions:

1. Routine: I feel totally discombobulated without one.

2. Working out: I’m not addicted in the classic sense, where I would need to go seek help for it, but I love doing it. (and, I might mention, I *should* be a twig for as much as I exercise, but unfortunately it hasn’t “worked out”–ha!!–that way)

3. Good dental hygiene: I’m mainly talking about my own; after having had braces as a teen and, several years ago, having gum graft surgery TWICE, I take care o’ my teeth and mouth. I visit my dentist and periodontist (alternating) four times per year. (But if you haven’t brushed your teeth yet today, stay away from me!)

4. Showers: It’s a by-product of #2, but I like to be clean and I like to smell nice. Gotta love Bath and Body Works products!

5. Twitter: I love it. Are you on it? Follow me if you’re not already! Click here.

I’m passing this award on to:

1. Manic
2. Michelle
3. Mrs4444
4. Weather Kim
5. Angie Goff

Have a fabulous day!