Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of the California woman who recently gave birth to octuplets. At first, the news was something amazing (I guess medically, it’s still amazing), but then the story turned into an ethical debate.

Things you might not know that have come out about this mother?

1. She is single.
2. She is in her early 30s.
3. She already had six children, between the ages of 2 and 7.
4. She allegedly filed for bankruptcy two years ago.
5. She lives with her mother.
6. According to her mother, she has been “obsessed” with having children since she was a teenager.
7. All fourteen children were conceived via in-vitro fertilization.
8. Reports vary over exactly how many embryos were implanted by doctors, from “way less than eight” to “eight, and they all ‘took’.”
9. The grandmother of the octuplets has expressed public frustration with her daughter’s obsession with having kids, and has stated that when she “gets home from the hospital, I’m gone.”
10. This woman is now done having children. Not because she doesn’t want any more: it’s because “she’s out of frozen embryos”.

And the most sickening part (to me)? She expects payment to talk about this. She expects donations. She expects that she won’t have to put out a dime to take care of these children.

I am outraged.

I don’t know very much about the screening processes in place for women who want to go through in-vitro, but…ARE THERE ANY? Why in the world would doctors implant anywhere between “way less than eight” and “eight” frozen embryos in a woman who is already the mother of six children, who can’t support herself???

Beyond that, okay, now the babies are born. Eventually, once the donations dry up, chances are likely with this mother that the taxpayers will be paying for this. And why? Because she loves children.

I love to travel, but I can’t really afford to do it. What is it with people, feeling like they are somehow entitled to have everything they want exactly when they want it???

I wish, just ONCE, that companies would say “Hell to the NO!” when it comes to building this woman a house, donating diapers, donating formula, donating a van, the list goes on. But they won’t. I mean, obviously I don’t want these babies (and their SIX SIBLINGS) to suffer; they didn’t ask to be born and they are the innocents in this story. However, people are learning that they can do completely asinine things and get paid for it, and I think it’s disgusting.

When companies start falling all over themselves to donate their goods and services to this woman mainly to get the exposure and advertising, I will have a question. Who is going to help the others? You know, the really, genuinely responsible people who have a reasonable amount of kids, hold down two or three jobs (or have lost their jobs!), who can’t take care of their family? There are so many of them these days, in these times. I wish that the companies who will come out of the woodwork to throw free goods at this mom of fourteen kids would think again and help the people who fell into their situation by chance, not because they created it to win the lottery.

Rant over. For now. Thoughts?

*Sources: Associated Press, The Chicago Sun Times, The London Times Online.