I have mentioned that I’ve been having some health issues lately; one of them is some weird nausea thing (and for the millionth time, NO. I’m not pregnant.). Though I think I’m done with this symptom, I spent about two weeks being totally nauseated, yet hungry. I would eat (being careful about *what* I ate), and then I would have a different sort of nausea. Hard to explain, and not really important at the moment.

Anyway, I saw my doctor on Monday and was trying to explain this feeling to her (and had to tell her NO. I’m not pregnant.), and I had her a little baffled. She suggested that it’s quite possible that my natural stomach bacteria (is that the technical term for it?) is out of balance, and asked me how often I eat yogurt.

I told her that I don’t eat it very often. We go through spurts of buying it (our favorite is Yoplait Cherry Orchard), but it’s become so gosh-darn expensive for something that little that really doesn’t fill you up in the first place, in my opinion.

She gave me that now-that-you’re-getting-older-you-really-need-to-pay-more-attention look, the one that I hate, and then stated, “I think you need to start eating yogurt, for your digestive system.”

I replied, scrunching up my nose, “Does it have to be, like, Activia?”

She said that it did not; it just needs to be from that category of having live cultures, low-fat and low-sugar. Which rules out our old Cherry Orchard standby. Shoot.

Poor Activia. I shouldn’t give it a bad rap because I totally know that it’s got to be (probably) an excellent product. (Right?)

My only problem with it? Has nothing to do with anything real about the product itself. Everytime I hear “Activia” I don’t think of the health benefits. I think of this, Kristin Wiig’s caricature-ish impersonation of Activia spokeswoman Jamie Lee Curtis*: (Fast forward to 2:20 if you’re feeling lazy or impatient)

I don’t have a problem with, ahem, the effects of fiber. Everyone poops. Why is it that I have such a mental block against this particular product, then? Because of comedy. Strange, I know.

Anyway, I went to the store today to pick up a couple of things, and yogurt was on the list. I couldn’t believe how big the yogurt section has become. Did you realize there is now an area for regular/traditional yogurt, a section for organic yogurt, and a section for pro-biotic yogurt? Crazy! I’m thinking that the yogurt industry is doing pretty well. I ended up sticking with the Yoplait name; they have a new line that fits my needs. And this is not a commercial for it; I’m just telling you what I bought.

Do any of you out there eat yogurt regularly? What kind do you eat? Anyone out there a fan of Activia? Discuss.

*A note for Jamie Lee Curtis, should she (or her people) have a Google Alert set for herself: I love you. I think you are totally awesome and I don’t even hold it against you for representing this wonderful product. The issue is my own. Whenever I think about Kristin Wiig’s impersonation of you (I love her, too!), I keep reminding myself of all the things you’ve done that I admire very much: your movies, your children’s books, your husband (I love him and his work, too!), your seemingly fantastic mothering skillz, and your embracing getting older. You are only to be admired. That is all.