I was recently reading my new issue of Redbook magazine, and, well, you know nothing good can come of that because the last time I was reading a new issue of Redbook magazine, I had to post about this.

But I digress. I found something that at first I wasn’t sure I liked the idea of, but after letting it twirl around in my brain for a while and then checking out the website, I have converted my thinking.

Sarah’s Smash Shack is located in San Diego, California. What is it? Well, what does it sound like it is? I’ll give you a minute.

Ready? Good.

Basically it’s a place that is all set up for anyone to safely go and let off steam by throwing breakable objects against walls so they splinter into thousands of pieces.

Why? Oh, I don’t know…Breakup? Lost job? Failed a test? Car accident? Your nosey neighbor got the goods on you? Just need a safe place to pretend you’re Erica Kane being spurned once again by the lover du jour?

When you arrive, you check out their glorious menu and decide which objects you’d like to purchase and destroy. (You can bring your own items and destroy them there, for a usage fee.) Once you’re all set, you put on protective gear, crank up your iPod with your favorite head-banging, glass-breaking tunes, and go to town.

What about the remains? They’ll either package them up for you to safely take with you (for a fee), or local art/mosaic groups, students, and therapy programs will benefit from your pain release.

By the way, as always, I was not compensated in any way for this seemingly glowing review of a place I’ve never visited. (I haven’t been to San Diego since 1993!)

Click here for their home page, to learn more.

And let’s discuss. Great release, or waste of home decor items?