This year, we signed the sixteen-year-old up for two off-season Lacrosse programs: one 6-week strength conditioning session and one 6-week team league, both of which would take him up to tryout week.

This year, the families in our Lacrosse Club found ourselves having to purchase new uniforms because the ones we had been using had some stripe on the sleeves whose width didn’t jive with the IHSLA rules (or something like that). This is something that totally sucked for everybody, but especially for those of us who had a new player and bought a new uniform LAST year. Eek.

This year, the club registration fees went up.

This year, his already-broad shoulders became even more so, making his first set of shoulder pads look like they belonged on a midget, so we had to invest in new ones.

This year, with his switch to Goalie from Midfield, we also were in the market for goalie gloves.

This year, because of that switch and the possibility that he might get tossed into practice (or a game at some point) as a middie, his regular, everyday duffle bag that he’s been using became too small to carry all of his gear, so we needed to get him a new one of the lacrosse gear-carrying variety.

But it’s okay.

Last night, upon leaving the Lacrosse store with him, new goalie gloves and gear bag in hand, he said, “You know, Mom…I HATE coming to this store.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Because every time we leave here, my soul hurts.”

I looked at him. “Why? What are you talking about?”

“It’s sooo expensive.”

I laughed. “You’re not paying for it!”

He said, “I know. And that’s what makes me feel bad.”

*heart melts*

It was then that I got to have one of the more enjoyable heart-to-hearts I’ve been through as a mom. I explained to him that we’re happy to pay for it as long as he makes the most of his experience, and we appreciate his appreciation. It makes us feel good to know he thinks about the money we bleed out spend on his beloved sport, and that he’s not a spoiled brat who expects it.

My soul felt fine.

P.S. His helmet? Still fits.