Recently I have become acquainted with Karen of My Microscopic Life. She is a grad student in the great state of Iowa, and hangs out on the internets with good people like Weaselmomma, Nonna, and Oh Captain.

In checking my sitemeter as I obsessively do ten to fifteen times each day do every now and then, I started to see that someone from the Ames, Iowa area seemed to be reading my archives. All of them, as in EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH. That’s like, four hundred and something posts.

But that’s not all, folks. She left comments. Not hundreds of comments, but a comment here and there all along the way. I had to go back and moderate them because I changed my settings to “Moderate comments more than 30 days old” when that juvenile delinquent got all critical about my M&M post, in order to head off jacka$$ comments before any went up. (They didn’t even bother. Shew.)

Anyway, I was already planning to surprise her with an award, but when I got out of bed on Thursday night with a shoulder soreness (from working out) that was seriously getting in the way of my sleep, I checked my blogroll and found this little goody waiting for me. Click it. Read it, because it’s a great post, but if you’re lazy or short on time, just look at her pictures. She drew that tiara on her swim cap, people. Totally blew me away.

Anyway, Karen, YOU are truly a tiara-wearing blogger in more ways than one. And so I hereby present you with this official award that you can post proudly on your blog. Post it in good health, my child. Wear it proudly!