Just a quick post for you Saturday blog readers; I’m attempting to get my kitchen totally spotless today (Imagine that!), INCLUDING getting the kitchen desk cleared of the clutter. I’ll let you know if I’m successful; keep your fingers crossed for me. (I also realize that I haven’t commented back to you all on the last four or so posts: Busy week! I’m getting to it, hopefully this weekend if you want to keep checking back!) We’re also having Julesie join us for dinner and a Fab Five Game Night. Good times!

Anyway, you may remember this post about my total sadness and anger about the Sears Tower being known by something else–to non-Chicago natives, no doubt–by summer. Icky.

When the news broke, I discovered that the Sears Tower has joined the Twitterati (did I just make up a word? Hmmm. Probably not.) in some form or another, so I immediately started following him or her. (Click here to follow him/her yourself!) (By the way, “Willis Tower” is also Twittering, but I refuse to follow, on principle.)

I asked the Sears Tower to retweet the link to my post, which he/she did. (Thanks, if you’re reading!) (Hey, if a building can tweet, he/she can read, you know!)

I sent this tweet out last night. Totally innocent.

Then, I woke up today to find tweets from my sister Julesie and Karen (The Microblogologist), letting me know that, in Julesie’s words, “there’s a name for that kind of love, you know.”

OMG, I had no idea. Click on this link ONLY if you are not surrounded by children and ONLY if you are not at work, unless you work in an industry having anything to do with sex and/or fetishism. Yes, I’m serious. And no, I don’t love the Sears Tower LIKE THAT*. (EDITED: Michelle gave me the heads up that I put the wrong link in here. Thanks Michelle! It’s fixed now. Click at your own risk.)

Tomorrow’s post? A totally innocent Happy Homemaker Tip. Really.

*I must add, though, that you have to be impressed that, with this post, I was able to use a TON of my little post labels. They’re funny in this context, don’t you think?