First, before I officially start this post, I have to tell you that if you came by for a visit yesterday and found that the link at the end of yesterday’s post didn’t take you to the place you were thinking, it has been fixed now and you will be taken to the right place. Or the wrong place. Depends on how you think about it. Long story short, it’s been fixed. Click away. I dare you.

Today’s Happy Homemaker Tip is not something I personally came up with, but it has saved us lots of time and arguments around this house.

The boys, though once were in sizes far enough away from each other to distinguish whose clothing was whose during the “folding clean clothes process”, have quickly become nearly twinsies. Although I was very good for a long time at remembering who the funky orange t-shirt Grandma brought home from Guatemala belonged to or who was the owner of the carpenter-style Gap jeans, I am less so these days. Jim is chronically laundry-confused (Just sayin’, though I must add that I am ever-so-lucky that my husband does just as much laundry as I.) when it comes to “shipping it off” to their rooms for them to put away.

And then I read a tip that I put into action immediately and our laundry frustration improved immediately.

Are you ready for the secret?

No, it’s not an Ancient Chinese Secret.

(But I couldn’t resist posting that)

We put a dot (with a Sharpie pen) on all of the younger boy’s clothing tags. That’s it. Older boy? No dots. Younger boy? Dot.

If you have more than two kids partaking in hand-me-downs (or if you just want to keep it all straight), the oldest kid would, again, get no dots. Kid #2, one dot. Kid #3, two dots. And so on. Each time you hand a clothing item down one kid, you add a dot. So easy, and it keeps a person from pulling out all their hair over something as ridiculous as laundry!

You’re welcome.