Yesterday, I met Weaselmomma and Melissa with two S’s for lunch and cookie dough. (If you read World of Weasels, you might remember the last lunch/cookie dough adventure that Weaselmomma and I shared…)

Anyway, Weaselmomma and I have been trying for more than a month to mesh our schedules so that we could enjoy lunch together again. Part of the problem originally was our clashing of styles: if I’m going to do lunch with someone, it needs to be with fair notice and in my calendar so I can juggle it with the other thousand things I have on my calendar. Weaselmomma on the other hand is no less busy than I (she’s got five children and an at-home–for now!–hubby after all!), but she is more comfortable being “fast and loose” (read: relatively spontaneous) with her schedule. We finally picked a date (no ring though), and I thought, “Hey, how fun to ask a couple of folks to join us?” I spoke with Manic, Michelle, Julesie, and Melissa with 2 S’s, and guess who was able to come? (Read the top again if you forgot)(and she drove an hour to get here!!!) Manic, Michelle, and Julesie had other plans and had to take a raincheck, so we’re repeating lunch at the end of April. (Michelle was annoyed that she agreed to watch a friend’s children during our lunch meeting time. So if you see her, just tell her you heard our lunch sucked.)

(Oh, Hi Michelle! When did you get here? Um, I saved a piece of pizza for you…)

So we met at Lou Malnati’s, home of the most awesome Chicago Deep Dish Pizza in the world. Lunch had a few minor challenges. Melissa is on a gluten-free diet, and Weaselmomma is in the midst of Lent, during which she can’t eat meat on Fridays (hence no wings!) AND for which she gave up the love of her life, Mr. Weasel beer. At Lou’s, Melissa was good with salad, and Weaselmomma and I ordered a cheese pizza.

There are only a couple of things I can really mention about lunch without breaking our pact.

First of all, Weaselmomma’s camera battery died almost immediately. I just got to thinking how suspicious this is, because this is the THIRD outing we’ve had during which she’s had camera issues. At our first trip to Woodmans, camera trouble. At our wings lunch, camera trouble. Today, camera trouble. Hmmm. Weaselmomma, WTH???

I can also tell you that Weaselmomma did not have beer.

I can also tell you that we had a great time. I can tell you that the food was good. I can even show you how they make the pizza at Lou Malnati’s (not the location we were at, though):

I can show you the group photo our server took of us. Well, part of it. Due to the fact that as soon as the server gave me back my cell phone (remember? No Weasel camera), ALL THREE of us had a fit because our post-lunch stomachs looked like Santa Claus’ stomach on Christmas morning, after gobbling all of those cookies left for him overnight*. So I cropped our stomachs off. If only I could do that in real life. But I digress…

We went to the cookie dough place in town (YUM), and continued chatting there. But I can’t tell you what we talked about. It *certainly* wasn’t you, in case you were wondering.

See? We’re talking.

Here are my and Weaselmomma’s cookie dough treats.

Melissa’s? Gluten-free diet, remember? She took some home to her hubby, though.

So it was a great time, much of which I cannot talk about. But we’re going to do it again in April, and I might try to initiate a conversation that we can all agree is bloggable. I’ll keep you posted!

*Please note that although I am a practicing Jew, the Santa/fat reference was what came to my mind rather than, say…ANYTHING ELSE??? Bizarre.