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Greenwich Village is another one of NYC’s great neighborhoods. Mostly residential with a bohemian feel, the streets are lined with cool shops and coffeehouses (“Friends” was set in the Village!). Like SoHo, the Village is an area meant for aimless meandering; there are countless “treasures” to be found.

We didn’t have a lot of time in the Village on the day we visited (unfortunately), so we didn’t get to see one of the most famous parks in New York City other than Central Park. I have to say, Jim wasn’t heartbroken about that, because this park was the setting for the movie “I Am Legend”, which, as you may recall, totally freaked us out.

Fortunately, Julesie and I stayed at a hotel there on our last visit, and so here are two photos from that visit of Washington Square Park:

Also situated in the Village is/was one of the greatest restaurants of all time, the Miracle Bar and Grill. Julesie and I loved it. It was sad to see it shuttered. Boo hoo.

Before: (the sign just *looked* happier when it was open, don’t you think?)


One of the things I love about NYC but especially the Village is the plethora of flowers you can stop and buy if you feel like it. They are always displayed outside en masse, and I love to look at them.

As we walked the length of Bleecker Street we passed by the upscale shops. I did hit the aromatherapy shop that I usually do, but since we were in a bit of a time crunch we skipped most other shops. Until we were rewarded with the Magnolia Bakery–WITH NO LINE–at the end.

The Magnolia Bakery is famous for its cupcakes; you may have heard of it before. My kids know it from (and have talked about going there because of) this SNL Digital Short.

The fact that there was virtually no line down the block as there normally is was a great thing. On past visits, Julesie and I couldn’t get in because we were always finishing dinner at the Miracle Grill and then didn’t have time to stand in line all night long. I think, when I saw that it would actually be possible to finally try these cupcakes, I squealed.

The Bakery is T-I-N-Y. When you walk in, the cupcakes are actually to your left and in the corner window. YUMMY!

And don’t worry, there’s no need to panic: there are enough cupcakes for EVERYBODY! (I love this sign!)

When I saw them frosting more cupcakes I had to snap a photo. I was considering ways I could either A) go offer to help them or B) climb into a bowl of frosting.

The cupcake boxes have little inserts in them so your cupcakes don’t get all smooshed together. Nice touch! (Fancy!)

Here’s where the afternoon became a bit surreal. We got our cupcakes and walked across the street to Bleecker Playground, getting comfy on a bench so we could chow down.

As soon as we sat down, a tour guide led a group of about 30-35 people over to our benches. She nicely said to us, “I use this bench to stand on while I talk to my group. Do you mind?”

I said, “Sure, you’re fine.”

She said, “Thanks! You can stay…and maybe you’ll even learn something!”

We got back to taking our cupcakes out of the box as she began talking. “We’re now in Debbie-Miranda Park, from the episode where Miranda and Debbie were talking about *insert whatever it was that she said that I can’t remember*…”

I looked up at the group and noticed what it was. It was a group from the “Sex and the City Tour”. All of the participants had a tour book in hand, and were hanging on every word the tour guide said. The four of us looked at each other, suddenly feeling a little awkward.

The tour guide continued, “Across the street is the bookstore where Samantha and *so-and-so (again, can’t remember)* had their first…er, LOVE CONNECTION, if you know what I mean. And the Magnolia Bakery? You all know about that. As a matter of fact, if you’ll look at these people sitting here and what they’re eating, you’ll notice they’re enjoying cupcakes from Magnolia right now.”

You know how teenagers LOVE to be stared at by throngs of people? That’s about the point when the boys gave me these looks:

I had to laugh. It was the most bizarre thing. We sat there, trying to calmly eat our cupcakes while she finished her spiel and sent her group shopping on Bleecker Street for the next 20 minutes while she went to Magnolia to pick up cupcakes for everybody (not us, though we deserved seconds).

As we finished our treats, we watched as many of the people in the group just hung out and posed for photos in Debbie-Miranda Park, happily swinging from lightposts, putting on their best “Sex and the City” smiles. Before anyone had time to reenact Samantha and *insert random name here*’s first LOVE CONNECTION, if you know what I mean, we walked on.