You know how awesome my family thinks the infomercial for the Slap Chop is.

If you’ll recall (or if you just go back and read it at the link above), I wrote,

If he could have gotten the DVR to work like a DJ, I feel certain that the evening would have been spent listening to:

“You you you you yourrrrrrre gonna love my n-n-n-n-n-n-n-utz.”

So you can imagine how giddy I am this morning after getting a tweet from Anissa:

“OMG….someone has turned Vince from Slap Chop into a rap video…THIS, people, is WHY the internet exists”

Naturally I clicked on her link immediately. This was just what I needed to kickstart my morning. I can’t wait to show my kids this afternoon. Make sure you hang on til the end. The lady that comes on in the last couple of seconds is hilarious.

Happy Friday!