I wanted to give a Shredhead update, since I’m more than halfway through the 30 days. I have lost around 4 (ish) pounds, but visually I think the changes are more prominent.

I did Level 1 for about six days. I have read that most people do each of the three levels for ten days, but I felt ready to move on. I first saw a change in my body at about Day 5. Just a little change, but a change nonetheless!

Today will be Day 17 of the 30 Day Shred, which means it’ll be the 11th time I’ve done Level 2. Level 2 is full of stuff that’s in the plank position. I had forgotten how much I hate the plank position. The great thing (for me) about this level is that is seems to go by faster than Level 1 (though they are the same actual length). You’ve gotta love a workout that flies by. I am finding my inner cattiness (though I don’t like cats), however.

I get very disgusted with Anita, one of Jillian’s workout minions, halfway through Level 2. There is a point in the segment of oblique twists where Jillian says “Let’s do three more”, and the camera focuses on Anita’s petite Abs of Steel while she’s twisting for those three last seconds, and I want to reach through the screen, grab her, shake her, and yell, “You think your abs are so strong, don’t you? Your genetic ab-superiority makes me SICK!” (I actually have tremendous abs, just like Anita. You just can’t, uh, see them right now.)

Natalie is a little more realistic, to me. At least I can see cracks in her tough exterior; she lets Jillian know when something is pretty tough. Anyway, I have made great strides in the cardio portion of Level 2 over the past several days. I know I need to move up to Level 3 in the next day or two, but I’m a little scared of what I’ll be doing.

The craziest thing? Because of these little changes I’m seeing in my body, I’m actually considering repeating the shred after the 30 days with something extra, something that I HATE. Running. I am not a runner. I despise it. I can’t even do it for very long (hey, maybe that’s why I hate it?). I think, however, if I add even about 15 minutes of running after my 20 minute Shred workout (realistically, only about 3 days a week), this might kick some more weight loss into gear. I remembered the other day that I have two workout CDs that I bought about six years ago to use in my classes (but never did, because they were a little goofy) that would be perfect for my running training. They’re called “Intervelocity”; basically it’s three minutes of fast music and one and a half minutes of slower tempo music. That’s how I’m going to do it: three minutes of running, then one and a half of walking.

But let me not get ahead of myself. I’m not adding the running until I start the Shred all over again, in 13 days. By the end of July, I might be able to run into the city for BlogHer instead of taking the train. (Sue, I hope you can run too! You’d better start training!)

It’s been thrilling to hear about a few of you who started to shred after reading my first post about it…leave a comment to let everyone know how you’re doing!

That’s it for now; Jillian awaits…