I know there are three weeks to go before July 4th, but each year as it approaches, my mind gets stuck on the memory of one July 4th holiday in particular. I will share it with you today, for your safety AND amusement.

When your kid tells you that the neighbor boy got this cool new toy for his birthday called a Stomp Rocket, and is bursting with excitement about checking it out, that’s cool. It’s nice to have a playmate who conveniently lives next door and is always willing to share new stuff.

It’s great to watch them for a few minutes through your bay window in your quiet living room. As they set up the stomp rocket on the sidewalk outside, working together like a real team, it’s heartwarming.

Every time they stomp (or jump) onto the little thingie that forces air up into the rocket, launching it off the base, they giggle, and it’s so cute.

A word to the wise? Don’t forget to remind your kid that it’s not a good idea to kneel on the ground and get a closeup look of the plastic rocket tip as it’s set to launch, unless he informs his friend that he should NOT stomp.

This Public Service Announcement has been brought to you by Suburban Scrawl and Band-Aid brand bandages (not really).