I finished the 30 Day Shred yesterday. Good thing, too, because my body is, as Jillian would say, “Scuh-REEMING” for a break. The month actually flew by for me, because I was busy in general. It seems like I started only a couple of days ago. How’d I do? Well, I did as well as I expected to. Adding this workout every. single. day. was difficult mentally sometimes, but because I am sort of obsessive once I make a goal, I did it.

I can’t review this DVD and how would work for just anybody who might want to try it, because people start off at all different levels physically and motivationally. I started out, though overweight, fairly fit because I teach group fitness classes. It happens that the Shred made me use different muscles and do different types of cardio from what I’m used to, which was not only a good thing but extremely difficult for me.

Motivation-wise, well, you saw that in the first paragraph. I am sort of obsessive once I make a goal. That’s me. To be honest, if you were to take a big group of non-exercisers, say twenty of them, you might end up with only two who will truly make the commitment to themselves to start a new exercise routine. Most of the others drop off. (That said, I totally see the appeal in using that time for other, non-workout things. Do you know what I could do with all of the time I spend working out/teaching? Whoa.)

Did I lose weight? Never more than the 4-5 pounds that I reported mid-way through. Could I have lost more weight? Yes. My problem is, the food thing is very difficult for me and I wasn’t willing to (hey, I’m being totally honest here) give my diet a total makeover and new beginning during this past month. I made some small changes, but still ate rainbow cake, if you know what I’m sayin’.

My strength? Wow. I have never done so many planks in my life, and I actually worked my way up to doing NON-GIRL PUSH-UPS, even the traveling variety. I have never in my life been able to do non-girl push-ups. So that’s something. My arms are more toned, too. (In fact, at work the other day, I sent out a tweet saying that my favorite co-worker and I were trying to sell each other tickets to our gun shows. Guess you had to be there.) I can see some changes in my stomach; looking at myself in the mirror I can tell that my waist is starting to taper from the top down. My abs? I totally do have a six-pack, but unfortunately nobody (myself included) can see it, because it’s sitting there under the weight I need to lose. But it’s there. Trust.

How do I look? Well, I don’t look like this:

That wasn’t my goal. My goal was realistic: to drop a few pounds and to get more fit. Goal? Met.

My plan for the next couple of days is to take a break from Jillian. I will resume shredding on Saturday, but not on a daily basis. I plan to do it about 4 times per week and hopefully add the run/walk that I talked about in my last update. I also plan to get another one of Jillian’s DVDs, to add some variety in there.

All in all, I can say that, for me, the 30 Day Shred was time well-spent. (And this was not a paid experiment, in case anyone is wondering.)(I WISH!) If any of you started the Shred this month, let me know where you’re at!

*Technically, I’m not resting completely. I still have to teach my resistance class this morning and my spin class tonight…but no Jillian!