I realized yesterday that the movie I wrote about several days ago (you will have to scroll down to Friday, June 26 if you dont remember, because I am posting from my phone and cant link it!) opens this Friday, which thrills me to no end. I mentioned it to my movie buddy, the 17 year old. He said, “Yeah, it will be fun…me on one side of the theater and you on the other.”


I told him in no uncertain terms was he going to cut and run after we hit the snack bar.

“But mom…can we just go see The Hangover, then?”

“No way, dude.”

“But it is going to be so weird!”

I told him that it will not be weird if he doesnt make it weird. I said, “Knowing how his other movie was, I will squirm, but not because you are there.”


Stay tuned!