Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing today from the comfort of the front passenger seat of my car as my family is on the way home from a long weekend visiting family, because on long car trips there is little more to do than think.

Let me get to the point, since I have to do this in less than 1000 characters. I am wondering if your company, which I love (for the record), is ever going to make phone software that supports uploading photos directly to Facebook & Twitpic. All of the other carriers have it: why not you? This brings annoyance to me on a daily basis, but especially on vacations. I would love to have shared this photo with my friends. Or this one. Or this one.

Note that there were no links there. Because you wont let me upload photos to anything but my private US Cellular Online Album.

Please hire some new software engineers ASAP. I love your company in every other way, but this flaw is major for me and I dont want it to be the cause of our breakup. Thanks in advance. Love you long time.