I once wrote a post called “Hurling Was Never So Hilarious”, but I forgot about this other time which came to my mind over the weekend when we were in Tennessee when we were at Kate, Scott, and Bean’s house.

Sidenote: I can’t believe how quickly it seems that kids grow. It seems like only yesterday that Bean looked like this, and now she looks like this:

So grown up. (Well, sort of. For a kid. You know what I mean.)

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, hilarious hurling. Let me set it up for you. Summer 2006. I had accompanied Kate, Scott, and Bean on a trip to Europe. One day, Kate and I decided to take Bean swimming in the hotel pool. The pool room was phenomenal. The best word to describe it was “dreamy”. See?

The gorgeous hotel pool. If you want to go there, e-mail me for the name of the hotel. I’m afraid if I post it, they might contact me for reparations, even after three years.

We put on our swim suits and headed down there. We were excited to have the pool totally to ourselves (save for the hotel employee that was in there for part of the time) and set out to have a fun, relaxing time. We played with Bean in the water, laughing as our voices echoed off the walls.

I was holding Bean and doing this motorboat thing that my mom always did with us, turning around and around in the water slowly and then faster as I chanted “Motorboat motorboat goes so slow, motorboat motorboat goes so slow, motorboat motorboat goes so fast, motorboat motorboat step-on-the-gas!” Bean was squealing with delight each time, and giggling like crazy. Well, if you’re making a toddler laugh, you want to keep that going as long as possible. So we did it over and over. And over and over. And over and over.

And suddenly, right in the middle of a gigglefest, as I was holding Bean upright,


Out came all of the hot dog pieces she consumed at lunch. All over her. And all down the front of my swimsuit.

Kate says that the best part was the split second look of total shock on both my and Bean’s faces before we all busted out laughing uncontrollably. And laughing. And laughing. All the while, little pieces of hot dog were floating around us. And floating out of the top of my swimsuit.

I handed Bean to Kate while I, um, got the rest of the hot dogs out.

And then we decided that swim time was over. For the rest of the trip.