Someone really super-awesome was born on this day and I just wanted to give a brief shout-out to wish him a Happy Birthday!

I first noticed him at Joeprah’s; sheesh, that Joe is responsible for lots of blogger connections, now that I think about it. Anyway, the comments he was leaving for Joe were hysterical, and I started reading his blog almost immediately. He became part of the community I “hang out with” regularly online, especially when we joined Cre8buzz. His writing usually leaves me in hysterics, except for when he writes a serious post on occasion; in that case, his writing leaves me in awe.

He was actually the subject of the internet’s first-known case of blunking by Weaselmomma, Tom, Momo, and I, a totally well-deserved honor. And he didn’t disappoint with his response, either.

So Happy Birthday, Nukedad! I hope you have a fabulous day with your family and friends. And, by the way, I’m sending you an imaginary cake today, your choice.


(Photo borrowed from wikipedia)

Or yellow cake?

Happy Birthday, Buddy!