As you know, we’re knee-deep in the college search over here. We’ve had some great experiences so far, and some not-so-great ones.

Recently, the older boy and I got him all signed up with a couple of the websites that are sort of like “scholarship clearinghouses”. That’s probably not a good name for them; I made that up. What happens is, you sign up and create a very detailed profile, and these websites will do the scholarship searching FOR YOU, which is more awesome than you can even imagine if you’re sitting there watching Nickelodeon with your younger kids at this moment. Back in the olden days, we had to look for scholarships the hard way, and it took forever.

Anyway, one of “added bonuses” of these websites is that colleges sift through them for prospective students, and will bombard a college-seeking young person with e-mails about how they should definitely check out their school.

In the middle of a recent e-mail blast from about twenty schools, I read one from a school that is in one of the states the older boy has deemed “Okay for perusal”, and was disgusted when I got to the end:

“To learn more about *insert name of school here*, our majors, or your possible fit, I encourage you to give us a shout out. You may also go online to the *insert name of school here* sight and register for additional information at *insert link here*.”

Did you spot the typo? I bet you did.

I know that everyone makes mistakes; I make them all the time. But really, is it just me, or do you agree that a college admissions department should generally scour any and all marketing tools that are sent to prospective students for potential errors? Just sayin’.