Labor Day, though this year almost three weeks before the actual beginning of autumn (my favorite season), is the unofficial end of summer. Boo-yah: that’s today!

This summer was really good, but it was so…busy! It seems like I have two different sorts of friends: those who can’t WAIT for the school year to end so they can enjoy summer, and those who can’t WAIT for the summer to end so their kids will go back to school already.

I personally have no preference; we’re busy all year round and do things with our kids all year round. What I want? To be less busy.

I got that this weekend. Whoa, what a weekend it was. With no firm plans other than Julesie coming over for dinner on Friday night (and it’s always a pleasure to have her around so I don’t even consider that to be “plans”; know what I mean?), the pace slowed down quite a bit. I even–hold onto your hats–got to READ. I’m not just talking about a five-minute read. I’m talking about several hours (not consecutively) and about 200 pages. GLORIOUS!

The older boy worked Saturday evening, Sunday evening, and is working tonight. The younger boy hung out quite a bit with friends. He went to the grocery store with me yesterday, which I was happy about because he’s an excellent sidekick and it’s a great time for us to connect.

This morning we went to a crappy used car dealership because the older boy wanted to look at a car that he found online, even though it is priced at TWO TIMES his budget. I’m glad that we went, though, because Jim got to teach both boys alot about what to look out for when car shopping. It was a great learning opportunity.

Something else that made me happy this weekend: I had a great phone chat with Momo this afternoon. She is one of my favorite people in this entire world. I adore catching up with her over the phone every now and then, and then I smile for about two hours after we hang up.

Jim and I had some great quality time this weekend: we FINALLY fixed (we hope) the problem in the yard. Remember how we masterfully saved our house from a terrible flood? Today we installed some PVC tubing underground to drain the yard, should it ever happen again. (Yes, that was our own creative solution. If it works, it will be awesome.) It wasn’t all work for us, though; we also got to just hang out together in the peace and quiet around here. It was wonderful!

Tonight? We’re grilling burgers. The younger boy just got home from the pool and the older boy gets off work in 30 minutes, give or take an hour (you know how it is in the restaurant biz…).

All in all, an outstanding end to summer. And now?