If you read my friend Weaselmomma’s blog, World of Weasels, you know that this week she completely lost her mind and added a mastiff puppy to her brood of five children, a couple of cats, a non-human rodent or two (I lose track: we recently lost Gimpy and Tenderfoot…), a couple of frogs, and lord knows how many other animals that are there in that house that I haven’t even seen yet in the many times I’ve been over there. But I get it. I’m a total dog person and I adore puppies (can’t wait to meet that little peeing-in-the-kitchen-half-the-time-but-getting-much-better darlin’), so going gaga over one is not a foreign idea to me. In fact, I plan to live vicariously through her during her experience with a new puppy because, frankly, better her than me.

This puppy, the one who has yet to be named, is not the only new arrival we need to talk about. I have one of my own, you know.

Once upon a time–about six years ago–I bought a laptop. It was very exciting; as a writer, this was HUGE, to be able to take my writing tool with me where ever I went, and I was also able to use it for my marketing work at the salon, so that was a bonus. It cost me a fortune; prices were still pretty high back then, no matter what you bought. I loved that thing. It weighed about 50 pounds*, but it was all mine.

And then, after 2 years, the screen was fuzzing out. I’m not just talking about a little snow here or there; I’m talking about a full-on blizzard, the kind where you have to pull the car over and wait it out. There was something wrong in the hinge. I took it in to be diagnosed and was told that the repair, one year too late to be covered by the warranty (of course), would cost a whopping 80% of the original purchase price.

Fuggedaboutit. I decided to pack it in and go without a laptop for a while.

Shortly before my laptop died, we got a Mac at the salon. After learning the Mac ropes, I decided that my wait for a new laptop would have to be extended. I wasn’t going for a PC again; I fell in love with Mac. And Macs, well, they’re no cheap date if you know what I’m sayin’.

So I waited.

And waited.

And waited.

And a couple of years ago, I started writing, A LOT. And then I started blogging. And then I started tweeting. And I have been in our basement, using the only computer in the house that has internet, and not in the room with my family very much. And then I started doing the Suburban WoW livestream.

And then I decided that I had to take the plunge. Last week, I ordered a refurbished Macbook Pro, and it arrived today.

And…it even came with a gift message**:

Enjoy, indeed.

*Slight exaggeration.

**Yes, I really did do that.