Last December, I bought my own domain. (That’s such a geeky thing, isn’t it?) I wanted a website that sort of rolled the information about my book, my various blogs, and all of my other “online presences” under one umbrella. I wanted something that looked professional, simple, clean.

I wanted to do it myself.

That’s right: I wanted to create my own website. From scratch.

I’m pretty adept at working with html coding within my Blogger account right here, so why couldn’t I learn more of it?

No reason.

Jim bought me one of those “HTML for Dummies” books, and I bought one with CSS stuff in it (hang on, non-geeks! hang on: don’t leave!), and I proceeded to…

…read the books but only manage to get a background and one line of text (“Future Home of Melisa with one S!”) up. That took me–well–ten months, give or take. And not literally. The actual act of putting the background and text up took a total of about 90 minutes. The rest of the ten months was spent on, er, life.

I just don’t have the time, people. Sure, I DO want to learn it! I want to be an html DIVA. It fascinates me, how with just one misplaced “>”, you can mess up what you’re trying to accomplish. I know, I’m weird.

When I got my MacBook last month, I learned (I think, from Weather Kim) that I could make my own website in a couple of hours with the iWeb program that was already installed on the computer. Last night I opened that sucker up, and in two hours, I had a website.

I HAVE a website. And I love it!

Here’s the front page:

Would you like to visit and check out the rest? It’s at Click here.

Yay me!