Jim and I took a couple of hours today to clean up the basement and our crawl space area a little bit. Though we had a mighty mess going on, it didn’t take us as long as one would think to get it done, and I’m not saying AT ALL that it’s probably because we didn’t ask the boys to “help” us. At all. Not saying that. At all.

We have a small, finished basement and what ends up happening is this:

~The work area, which looks FABULOUS when it’s clean, gradually gets piled up with papers, packing supplies, photographs, CDs, and all kinds of other crap, to the point of not being able to see any flat surface.

~The long, wooden filing cabinet? Ditto. Mountains of junk on top.

~The air hockey table? Ditto. See where I’m going here?

~The Bowflex? NO, NO, NO. Although we rarely use it, it is always clear. I know; the reasons why are a mystery to me as well.

~The crawlspace? Ugh. That’s the catch-all for the stuff that isn’t caught in the rest of the basement. All of the stuff in the back crawl space (you know, the stuff that hasn’t been thrown in since our last cleanup) is neatly stored in plastic tubs.

Jim and I have been “wanting” to clean up for ages. Well, we’ve been wanting to do that as much as anybody really wants to clean up a basement. But today was the day. As we were pushing some containers around in the crawl space, something caught my eye in the bottom of one: our “Bop It” game.

Well, it’s a good thing that we were almost done cleaning up the area, because when I found that thing, it was all over. For me, the “Bop It” is like a cardboard box is to a toddler: hours of fun.

“Mooooom!!! Aren’t we gonna eat soon?”

“NO! I’m busy boppin’ it!”

(No Cyndi Lauper’s “She Bop” references necessary; that’s not what I mean, though it’s funny that we’re all thinking about that right now.)

Anyway, I played for about 25 minutes, much to Roxie’s enjoyment, and I remembered recently seeing two grown women just like me, Boppin It on the Ellen DeGeneres show. Fast forward to about 1:45 for the start of the game.

I’m happy: I have a clean basement and plenty of daylight left in which to Bop It.

Happy Saturday!