It’s been a busy day for me, and although I prepared and scheduled posts for tomorrow and Saturday (go me!), I did nothing for today.

Sort of.

I decided, since I didn’t have time to *actually* write something of substance, I would refer you to others.

As in, I just finished my most recent update of my embarrassingly long blogroll. The amount of blogs I follow is staggering, even to me, as if I didn’t know what I was doing when I added each one. The size of the list just tick-tick-ticked up there, like a rollercoaster on the first big climb before plummeting towards the ground at nearly the speed of light.

(but with my blogroll, there’s no plummeting…or nausea.)

So do me a favor. Go check it out. I’ve got it set up so that a snippet of each blog shows up there so you can get an idea of who writes about what. Sort of. Follow some of the other people in the Scrawl community. Tell ’em Melisa with one S sent ya.

Can’t find my cute little tiara-adorned blogroll button in the left column? Just click here.

And by the way, if you’re not “following” me in the Google sense (see the cute little pictures of everybody up there in the top lefthand corner of THIS page?), why the heck not? Just asking.