Twitter recently introduced a new feature, creatively called “Lists”. You would think that, having a name like that, it would be self-explanatory. It’s not, completely.

The idea behind it, I guess, is to compartmentalize groups of your followers so if you want to, say, only follow the people who wear glasses, you can now do that.

When the feature was made public, panic ensued. People (including me) remarked how this feature has great potential to be yet another instigator of online drama in some cases.


And then people started having a little bit of fun with it. Rather than naming their lists in inflammatory ways like:

~My very fave tweeters
~Best Friends
~Best bloggers ever

I’m seeing more creativity. Here is a sampling of some of the lists I find myself on:

~love list
~bloggers (always good to keep it general)
~my lovelies
~parent bloggers
~blogger buddies
~love them like sisters
~side effects may vary
~people I want to party with (thanks Amy!)
~hos before bros

I think you get the idea. These kinds of lists are general, not exclusive-sounding (in my opinion), and fun.

I looked up “Twitter lists” on Youtube and found this gem by this excitable woman. She explains all about lists, so it’s a great tutorial if you haven’t tried it yet. I had a great laugh at the beginning of the video when she happily exclaimed

“This is the best tool that’s come out for Twitter in YEARS!!”

I thought, “Years??” and promptly did a search for Twitter’s “birthdate”. Twitter came out in 2006. Are you with me here? She’s a little overexcited and it’s making her spew ridiculous statements from her mouth. I would say that the best tool that’s come out for Twitter in years is…TWITTER.

Anyway, watch.

Oh, and that one real use for Twitter Lists? We’re using it for our Suburban WoW livestream show; we’re able to make a list of our viewers so that, during our broadcasts, anyone on twitter can instantly follow the conversation, and that’s a cool thing.

Speaking of Suburban WoW, we’ve got a special show going out TOMORROW. It’s my birthday show! Click here for details. If you’re not yet a viewer, this is a great show with which to start. We’re having a couple of little giveaways. Oh yeah, and did I mention it’s my birthday show?