My partner-in-crime, Weaselmomma, had a Skype chat last night with Greta Van Susteren from “On the Record” on Fox News.

How did this happen? I’m sure she’ll probably post about that, but if I didn’t know the story and had to guess, I’d guess that Weaselmomma sent Greta a few fan letters, some baked goods, and quite possibly a case of Coors Light, asking if she wanted to come to the Weasel house for dinner the next time “On the Record” does a Chicago show. I’d guess that Greta was charmed by Weaselmomma’s nouveau-Midwestern hospitality yet a little scared by her South Philly heritage, and she got on the horn yesterday, asking her to cease and desist. Eventually, about 5 minutes into the conversation and after appearances by no less than three Weasel children, Greta realized that Weaselmomma is a lovely person after all, and when Mr. Weasel called during their conversation, the sight of Weaselmomma trying to get him off the phone “because I’m talking to Greta Van Susteren right now!” (YES, this really happened!) was so adorable, that she decided to visit the weasels for Thanksgiving.

Okay, maybe not. But anyway, watch the video below, as Weaselmomma hits the big time. Watch the entire thing; you won’t be able to stop smiling. Also, I have to note, because I am Weaselmomma’s faithful friend, that Greta spoke to her for TWICE AS LONG as the other viewer she Skyped with yesterday. Neener neener!

My turn to “ride your coattails” for a while, my friend! 🙂