A few months ago, Julesie bought the boys tickets to see “Young Frankenstein: The Musical” for Hanukkah, and Jim and I bought tickets for ourselves so we could tag along. Yesterday was the day, and the plan was to go to the city for the musical and then head back to our house for latkes and blintzes and more Hanukkah fun.

The best laid plans…

Unfortunately, Julesie came down with a little case of food poisoning, and couldn’t go. It was a huge bummer, not only because this was her gift to the boys, but because we love us a little Fab Five Fun. Did I mention what a big bummer it was?

Luckily, Ticketmaster gave her a refund on her ticket, which was truly a Miracle of Hanukkah.

The four of us headed to the city, the boys being totally in the dark about the plan. I knew it was killing the older boy because he’s a control freak like me, and he was asking questions up and down the entire way. Finally, we got there and pulled into a parking garage across from the theater. It was only then that all was revealed. (Beware: cell phone pictures ahead!)

We had about 30 minutes until they opened the house, so we walked a few blocks to Daley Plaza to check out the Christkindlmarket Chicago. I was hoping to catch up with the Weasels, because they were in the city and had plans to be at Daley Plaza too, but alas, they were in the Italian Village when I called Weaselmomma, and we didn’t have time to wait.

Why would I enjoy the Christkindlmarket, being Jewish and all? Duh: It was GERMAN, and I get giddy about Germany. Remember?

Enjoyed seeing the Chicago Menorah. Yay!

And the Daley Plaza Picasso is always a joy to behold:

We headed back to the Cadillac Palace Theater and enjoyed the show immensely. After a show in Chicago, there’s only one destination after that: Garrett’s Popcorn, to get big ole’ bags of caramel corn, cheese corn, and a Chicago Mix (both of them in one bag). The line was huge, but if you know Garrett’s you know that’s not unusual. It looked worse than it was, and while we were waiting, this happened (ignore the “4”. I have no idea either.):


Then? Home for blintzes and latkes (potato pancakes). YUM.

I think Julesie is feeling better today; when I get off work I’m bringing her a care package: a cooler containing blintzes and latkes, a big ole’ bag of Garrett’s caramel corn, and a “Young Frankenstein” Playbill, so she can pretend she was there. Well, sort of.