…a Happy Valentine’s Day!

That’s because I am probably the last one to wish you a Happy New Year. Total slacker, that’s me.

I have a good excuse, though. I’m FINALLY feeling better (the antibiotics really kicked in yesterday!), and now I’m very busy tying up loose ends around here before leaving town for almost two weeks.

TWO WEEKS (almost).

That’s the longest I’ve been away from home, ever. (Well, in the last 23 years, anyway.)

I’m off to Tennessee on Sunday (leaving Jim and the boys at home) to stay with my mom, who recently had surgery on not one, but both feet. I’ll be at her place for a week and then I’m transferring my suitcase ten short minutes across town to Kate’s house, who just made Bean a big sister a couple of weeks ago. I’m going to help her out for a few days before coming home mid-January.

Don’t worry, as far as you’re concerned it’ll be just like I’m at home. I’ll still be blogging, twittering, Facebooking, and all that jazz.

Anyway, that’s what’s going on over here. As far as 2010 goes, I’m looking forward to it. 2009 was not the best year, and I’m excited about moving onward and upward on this new calendar. I wish you and your loved ones a happy, healthy, and prosperous year.

Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day!