Being a busy girl with a thousand things going on at any given moment, I move quickly. People often remark that I never seem to slow down, and in fact when I do get the rare opportunity to move in slow motion, I get very uneasy. Often if I actually sit down on the couch to watch tv (and do nothing else, like mess with my laptop or whatever), I actually fall asleep from the lack of movement.

The pace of life where I live, in general, is fast. Being a city girl*, I am used to having to be slightly aggressive when driving. I’m used to getting my words out quickly because we all have other things to do. I’m used to walking with purpose.

The pace of life here in Tennessee, where I am helping to take care of my mom (she’s doing very well: thanks to all who have asked about her!), is way. slower. than. it. is. at. home.

Normally, my visits here with Jim and the boys are always four days at the very most, and we have the added irritation and rush of cramming in visits with both sets of parents plus Kate and her family. You’ve gotta move fast to get all that done. It doesn’t gel with the slow pace of living here. In my city mode, I come down with road rage faster. I ooze impatience. In my head, I’m cursing people out constantly for moving too slowly. I’m a city slicker jerk.

When I made my plans to come here this time, I was really excited about the chance to slow down for realsies. I remembered being both fascinated and jealous when I read about how the entire city of London had a Slow Down period back in April, and now I was going to get my chance. I’ve been excited about driving less aggressively, speaking slower (after a long weekend here, I usually bring home a slight drawl: I’m going to drive Jim nuts with my accent after 12 days!), and sauntering instead of speed-walking.

Yesterday Julesie and I ran out to the grocery store (RAN OUT? See? I even tell stories using fast words) to get the essentials for the fabulous meals we’ll be making this week. The store didn’t have challah bread, which we need for the day later this week when Julesie makes Oprah’s Favorite Sandwiches for lunch. I called a bakery when we returned back to mom’s house, and…

Hmm. Adorable. But WE NEED CHALLAH. No worries; we found a store that does not hibernate in the winter, and will retrieve the bread this morning. But…

So I’m working on it. I did actually make some progress in that area; after the long drive down here, my black car was white with salt and it needed to be washed, so on our way to the grocery store we went through the drive thru for a snack** and then headed for the car wash. I drove the car into the little garage-like wash and put it into park. We ate our McDonalds sammies and suddenly “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga came on the radio. Car wash, McDonalds, and Gaga: the perfect trifecta for two sisters who have nowhere to go in a hurry. It was awesome. See***?

Today I’m going to work on completely chewing my food before swallowing.

*Okay, okay, I’m technically a suburban girl who feels completely at home in the city. Humor me.
**Okay, lunch. At 3:30.
***Use your imagination to picture us eating burgers and jamming to Gaga.