I have been getting a vicious urge to spring clean on my blog. I enjoy the little badges and widgets and such, but after a while I look at it like it’s too cluttered. I’ve been trying to figure out how to clean it up a bit (like moving a couple of the buttons to my blogroll page and making text-based lists instead), and I suddenly realized that I don’t have a Blog Bio–and haven’t, for a looooong time–anymore. If I were surfing the web and somehow found Suburban Scrawl, I’d have to dig into the posts immediately in order to get a sense of who Melisa with one S is, and if I were in a rush, I might not do that.

SO, I’ve decided that I need to put some kind of bio up. And that’s where you come in.

Of course I can write my own, and I will indeed work on it, but I think I’d like to get input from you, my regular readers. Help me out, would you? Please leave a comment that includes one or more of the following:

1. A blog bio (partial or complete) for Suburban Scrawl, written your way.
2. Suggestions of what I should include in my blog bio.
3. Anything else that might be helpful as I try to capture what the Scrawl is for someone who has never read it before.

If you leave it in a comment, I’m just saying right now that I may use all or part of your suggestion without giving you anything in return except for a HUGE virtual high five, a genuine “Thank you”, and possibly a wink in the next livestream of Suburban WoW.

Maybe between the bunch of us, we can come up with something pretty darn cool.