Even though I only have a basic understanding of html coding*, I like tinkering with the look and functionality of the Scrawl now and then, as you probably know. I mentioned recently that I was in the mood to declutter a bit and also asked for help writing a Blog Bio (THANKS!), which you can now find in my left sidebar along with a link to yesterday’s post that includes all of the other suggestions.

In my recent travels through my Google Reader, I found a post by NYC Girl over at Discovering Me (Thanks, NYC Girl!) which included this link to a page which gives step-by-step instructions on adding a Horizontal Navigation Bar to a Blogger template without having to pillage the existing html code. I was thrilled, and last night I decided to go for it. It took me all of ten minutes to make it easier for Scrawl visitors to find an About page, my Blogroll (which I hope to have updated in the next few days just did!), my Review site (which I hope to have updated in the next few days!), the Suburban WoW page, AAAAND my Twitter page. This is a big deal to me, to have everything easy-to-find. Yay!

In the next six months or so, I’m hoping to get a move-on to an actual Dot Com**, but for now, I think this will suit my needs just fine!

*But I’m always willing to learn more!
**with some outside assistance, because I’m just not that skilled!

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