First of all, let me thank you so very much for joining me this past week (and then some!) for my “Weather’s Better in the Bahamas” series!

I know that some of you may have a harder time letting go, so I picked up created a little souvenir for you: a button! (Woot!)

Here’s what it looks like:

Don’t worry; I’ve made things really easy for you. Just scroll down a little bit and check out the fancy-schmancy code I have placed in my left margin, making it the easiest way EVER to get your Bahamas souvenir! (and it’s FREE!) Post it on your blog and, whenever you need a Caribbean pick-me-up, grab an umbrella drink and click it to be whisked right back to my our Bahamas vacation!

Here’s a parting shot, for the road:

Thanks again for tagging along!

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