I did it. I “broke the seal”, so to speak.

I like to do many things, but planning and list-making are definitely up there at the top, that is, if I were to prioritize (by making a list, of course!) my most favorite activities. After all, I make lists for everything, and I sometimes put the most simple of tasks–non-listworthy ones, for sure–just so I can cross them off when I complete them. The act of striking through something or checking a box makes me insanely happy.

If I can combine list-making and planning for a trip?

WOW, Mama like.

And the results are usually pretty good. I planned my heart out for last year’s trip to Manhattan, and many of you read about that trip for nearly two weeks. (sorry.) I get a total rush out of the research, the scheduling, all of it. (And sometimes it doesn’t ALL go according to plan. There was that issue with the “Dumbo” ride, after all…)

Something else that makes me happy giddy? Foreigners and foreign countries, Germans and Germany most specifically.

So when I purchased plane tickets last week, to Munich for our summer vacation, I was pretty giddy about the possibilities.

And then? Today.

Oy vey. Just look what I went and did.

Yes, I bought the Lonely Planet book about Munich, Bavaria, and the Black Forest, so I we can begin planning our trip. I got a blank notebook and an archival pen out of the cabinet too, and it’s all ready to go.

I even, when showing Jim the book earlier, uttered these words:

“This book sorta makes me hot.”

Oh yes I did say that.
I’m a lost cause, seriously.

G-d help my family over the next few months as I go into vacation-planning mode. I hope I don’t annoy them too much. It’s not looking good, though: I can already tell that I’ll be annoying myself plenty.

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