I have a certain type of appreciation for cars. It’s a girly type of appreciation: I enjoy nice-looking cars and cars that have nice gadgets and, of course, cars that look like they are smiling.

I’ve never had the type of appreciation for cars that a typical teenaged boy has (rightfully so, I guess, my being a girl and all). The older boy bought his first car* early last fall, and he has spent some of the little free time he has had since then researching cool things to put on the car, like snazzy (sorry, that’s a mom-ish term, isn’t it?) headlights, custom-made wheels with his personal logo metal-worked into the center (yes, I’m serious), and other things I can’t think of at the moment.

At first I was telling him, “I don’t understand why you think you should put all of that money into a car that cost what it did. Why not wait for your NEXT car, which will no doubt be a step up, and then fix it up? After all, you have part of your college to pay for!”

He replied with one of my least favorite and most vague answers: “Because!”

Oh, I see.

Jim reminded me that it’s a guy thang** and that I was probably wasting my breath. He was totally right. I felt a little bad for harshing the kid’s mellow, even though it was unintentional, and since then I have just nodded my head and smiled when he wants to share his big plans with me.

But the snazzy headlights and the custom-made wheels with his personal logo metal-worked into the center will have to wait. After taking the car in to a mechanic to see if a professional could find the source of an oil leak that won’t quit, it was discovered that he has a major (though non-emergency, thank goodness) repair to take care of. The professional mechanic’s estimate was more than twice what he paid for the car, so it’s going to be a job taken care of in our garage, with the help of his dad, who knows quite a bit about this kind of thing, and the car manual he’s been reading constantly.

He has started buying the parts that he and Jim need to get it all done, and in the next few weeks I’m going to be seeing a lot of this***:

Keep your fingers crossed for them!

*with his own money.
**To be completely honest, he said “thing”. Jim would never, EVER say “thang”.
***Of course, they’ll both be working under the hood and not in the back seat or under the back hatch. But you get the idea.

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