The movie “Grease” holds a huge amount of magic for so many people my age; there’s just “something” about a movie about teenagers in the 1950’s that came out in the 1970’s and is still fun to watch today. One of my favorite parts was always the finale, in which the boy gets the girl and everything is tied up in a neat little package. As I became a teenager myself, I became cynical of the setting in the last scene*: I mean, what school DOES THAT for its graduating seniors?

And then, of course, there was “Grease 2”, the movie which Michelle Pfeiffer always seemed to forget to list on her resume of movie credits for some reason. (Come on Michelle! Sure, you’ve acted better in other movies, but this one is still a classic!) In many ways, I enjoy “Grease 2” better than the original. Though my favorite part is this one and my second favorite part is this one, (Okay, and I love this part too**.) this movie also has a fabulously elaborate and slightly unbelievable end-of-school celebration for the graduating seniors.

I learned this weekend that not only are senior celebrations like these possible, but they ARE being done. Last night, Jim, the younger boy and I went to the high school to check out the older boy’s senior celebration before the students were allowed in, and we were blown away by the scope, size, and attention to detail. Senior parents volunteer every year to put this together (the students are not involved in the set-up at all; it’s FOR them), and they turn our high school into a cruise ship for an overnight lock-in that lasts from 10:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. There are crafts, movies, a DJ, hair and nail services, contests, raffles, games, food…seven hours of supervised craziness.

Did I mention that we were blown away? The school didn’t even look like a school. It was magical. I took more than sixty photos; here are four of them (If you have a few minutes, click here for the whole slide show; I labeled the photos over there.):

He returned home early this morning and, of course, went right to bed. I can’t wait to hear all about it.

All in all, it’s so exciting to know that an end-of-year senior celebration of this scale doesn’t only occur on a California movie set!

*As well as the movie studio trying to pass off actors who were clearly in their mid-to-late twenties as teens, but that’s another post.
**SHUT UP. I love this movie.

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