As if my summer plans couldn’t get any better, what with the Blogher conference in New York City and our trip to Munich, oh, and my evening with Michelle and the B-52s which is coming up soon…Kate and Bean are coming to Chicago for a visit!

Spending time in the city with a youngster such as the smart, spunky, and adorable Bean is a much different experience from time in the city with teenagers (though just as fun!), and Kate and I have been e-mailing back and forth, trying to figure out how much we can pack in.

Bean has her own idea, though, and you can read about it…elsewhere.

Remember how I mentioned that when one door closes, another opens?

My first post at The Chicago Moms, a new local collaborative blog that sprung up like a phoenix after the Silicon Valley Moms Group closed up shop, is up this morning! Go check it out, and you’ll see how I’ll be spending at least one evening with Kate and Bean. Maybe two.

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