Jim, the younger boy and I went into the city (again) last weekend. As I was driving us out of the parking garage to head home after a great show at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater on Navy Pier, I was excitedly saying, “Oh, I LOVE this city!” like I always do whenever I am there (or whenever I see the skyline from afar, or when I talk about it, or when I read about it, or when I see it on television, or…), when Jim said, “You know, you really need an intervention.”

What the what?

“I certainly do NOT!” I replied.

Then, mocking me, he started making up all of these silly things that he says come out of my mouth:

“It’s Saturday; let’s go to the city!
The sun’s out; let’s go to the city!
I woke up today; let’s go to the city!”

I resemble that.

As the older boy would respond, I said…“SO?”


*stepping up on my soapbox*

Is it wrong, people, to love a city as much as I love Chicago?

Is it wrong, people, to find any excuse under the sun to make the drive there heartily enjoy every opportunity I can get, to visit the downtown area?

Is it wrong, people, to want to grab every single slice of city fun that is available to me (and my family) as it fits into our busy schedule?

Is it wrong, people, to expose my children to the culture and excitement of the city, just as my parents did for me?

And finally, going in for the kill…Is it wrong, people, to want to spend time in a beautiful, vibrant place that puts a permagrin on my face and a spring in my step?



P.S. I still adore that man, even though he and Chicago don’t always get along.

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