BlogHer recap? Sure, sure. I’ll get to it. Hopefully tomorrow.

In the meantime, I have a feeling I might be entertaining a few new visitors here at the Scrawl over the next couple of days, because I handed out a bunch of business cards at the conference–AT LEAST 15 of them (*insert rimshot here*)–and if you folks are anything like me, you are checking out new blogs written by new conference friends as you slowly come out of your weekend stupor. Or something like that.

So I thought I’d toss out a big “I MISSED YOU!” to all of my readers who couldn’t get to NYC for various reasons, and a big “I MISS YOU!” to all of my readers and friends who did get to NYC, and a big “SO HAPPY TO MEET YOU, AND I MISS YOU ALREADY EVEN THOUGH I JUST MET YOU!” to my new friends (and maybe new readers?).

If you’re new here, you can get to know me, sort of, by reading some of my more popular posts. I even made it easy for you by coding the links so they open in a new window. Check them out! (And those of you who’ve been hanging out here for a while? You just might find something you missed! Just sayin’.)

Why the tiara? Read about it here.

I absolutely adore Jim, my husband of nearly twenty-four years. We are partners in the truest sense of the word: we work together very, very well (even on home projects, which I guess for some people isn’t very easy!), and we share the exact same parenting philosophy, which includes giving your kids expectations ahead of time.

Normally I’m a really nice, happy person. (Ask anyone who knows me!) On rare occasions, I do fly off the handle. The good news is, it almost always makes a funny story for everyone else to hold over my head. Like the time I exploded when my kids wouldn’t go on the Dumbo ride at Walt Disney World. Or the time the woman in the grocery store touched my meat.

I have two teenaged boys, ages fifteen and eighteen, and we still enjoy being around each other, so that’s a great thing, even after I intentionally tormented them for my own entertainment. They often give me hilarious material to write about, and I am just really proud of the young men they have become.

I’ve had a little anxiety off and on over the past six months because the older boy is leaving for college next month, and though I know it’s supposed to happen and all will be fine once we adjust, it makes me weepy sometimes when I think about how quickly time flies.

I could put more up, but this should keep you very, very busy for at least the next five minutes. I hope you enjoy! And thanks for stopping by today!

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