I’ve decided to split my BlogHer recap into a couple of parts because it was such a huge experience.

This was my second year attending BlogHer, and it was spectacular. I had great fun that I will remember forever with friends both old and new, and I loved experiencing some of the excitement Manhattan had to offer outside of the hotel.

I only attended two sessions (oops) but have no regrets about that whatsoever. I achieved my goal of connecting with some great brands that I really believe in. I interviewed Courtney Hansen, the spokesperson for AutoTrader.com, and I also spoke with Dr. Stuart Seale, author of The Full Plate Diet. More on them over at the review blog next week. I attended some great events and will post about them next week as well.

I learned some valuable lessons on this trip to Manhattan that I wanted to share with you. Ready? Okay.

By the way, all photos were, of course, taken with the PEN E-PL1 that Olympus is loaning to me!

1. I learned that, when I am on my way to Magnolia Bakery with Michelle and Sue to get cupcakes and we find a place that sells miniature stuffed cupcakes, it’s totally okay to get one (each) for a snack, to tide us over on our way to the Village where the full-sized cupcakes are. Oh, and if Michelle and I make a plan that all three of us will take a teeny bite of each cupcake, to try all three, it’s important to tell Sue what the plan is so she doesn’t pop an entire mini cupcake in her mouth before we get any.

See how Sue is hiding? She’s ashamed.

2. I learned that it’s really, really funny to walk around with other camera-bearing ladies, especially when one from our group gets stuck on the entry side of the subway because our MetroCard didn’t have enough on it for her to slide on through. (sorry Momo!) I can still hear the laughter.

3. I learned that taking the subway to Brooklyn only to walk back to Manhattan on the Brooklyn Bridge is STILL a good idea and a great photo op. (and still free!)

4. I learned that sometimes when you veer off the main sidewalk in order to take a picture of a pretty fountain, you might see something you weren’t expecting as you focus your camera, like a man bathing in said fountain.

5. I learned that when you tour Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum with Liz (This Full House) and Patty (NYC Girl at Heart), the pictures that come out of it couldn’t be more hilarious, like this one of Liz with Madonna.

Or this one, of Liz and Britney.

Or this one, of Patty with the Spice Girls.

Or this one, of Liz with George Clooney.

Um, yeah. Can’t actually put the pictures online because Liz and Patty might cut me. You’ll have to use your imagination. TRUST: they are FUNNY.

6. I learned that, when you run through Central Park wearing a tutu, it’s not the locals that stare at you; they see that kind of stuff all the time. It’s the tourists who are checking you out and snapping pictures.

7. I learned that when you share a hotel room with three other people at BlogHer, that room can get really small, really quickly. (Can you find one of my roomies in that mess?)

8. I learned that if you stand near a hot dog cart and take lots of pictures, the cart guy isn’t really thrilled about that, but you can get a really great eyeroll and a highly insincere “Welcome to New York.” when you tell him that you’re snapping so many pics because you’re a tourist.

9. I learned that I will have to visit the Carnegie Deli on every trip to Manhattan from now on. It’s like the Mothership.

10. I learned that Momo can STILL rock a clown nose, as can Colleen.

Stay tuned for more!

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